Clockwork Christmas

This mini project started out as a materials and light R&D exercise to explore new ideas, with no obvious direction or design. We do lots with materials here at FI and have some very talented artists who push out high quality CG, however sometimes it’s worth going over old ground with new thoughts and experiments and seeing what happens…


The initial design was borne out of making a few shapes with a variety of materials on and the overall design grew out of that. The animation followed purely as a way to simply rotate the materials to see the effect the light had on them and we refined and added in its clockwork style to give it a bit of interest


The finished wireframe

The Greyscale render

The final render straight from 3DS Max with no added post production

07_NoGlow_Material-tests_03 (00160)
The animation sequence was put into After Effects and we added some basic colour adjustment with curves, H&S and glows

08_NoDirtEffects_Material-tests_03 (00160)
After that we added the main effect of a really strong diffuse glow with a low threshold to really bleach out the image and mimic a really strong, over saturated sunlight

09_NoWireorBlur_Material-tests_03 (00160)
Following that we added a series of dust, dirt, grains, flickers and fades to really give the image some depth and overall reduce the, now quite heavy, contrast

For the final frame we added a very subtle blur as well as motion blur. A final last minute addition was that of the wireframe with a screen filter.

We ho ho hope you like the end result, even if you did eye roll at our joke.


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