La perruque puissante

La perruque puissante is a collaborative piece between our good selves and the talented photographer Elise Dumontet, who is also represented by Trayler and Trayler. We’ve outlined our process below, taking the original photograph through design, sculpt and a series of renders to produce a transitional CG hair to paint effect which compliments the original composition. We went for a bold and unique look, that was subtle enough to make the viewer double take; demonstrating what can be achieved when fashion photography, design and CG blend seamlessly.

Original Photo
As supplied by Elise, this was a bespoke photoshoot specifically for this concept with the expectation we would add the hair in CG. All colour retouching to the photo was prepared for us by Elise

A series of designs by our CD Jonny in discussion with Elise to define and then refine the overall look and feel of the CG hair. The design process continued into 3D

Hair sculpt
Chris our lead 3D Artist worked into Jonny’s designs and working with Elise, the final look was formed using the Hairfarm plugin for 3DS Max. Once the hair form was approved, Chris sculpted the ‘plastic’ look of the mid layer of hair (between the actual hair and paint) in Autodesk’s Mudbox. The Paint look was created by taking the Hairfarm hair mesh and collapsing it in an editable poly and manual sculpting in 3DS Max to create the paint effect

Low res
Chris took all the above renders and quickly assembled them in Photoshop to get an early look at how the 3D renders sat together, as well as doing some early colour passes. This led to an approved low resolution 3D image, so we could render at high res and do the final composition in Photoshop

Final comp
Our MD Marcus then took Chris’ high resolution renders and composited them together in Photoshop, adding shadows and blending it into the original photo


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