Hong Kong St

We initially received a selection of images from photographer Rob Payne and we loved the Hong Kong St image so used that as inspiration to develop the design. We had no HDR for this image so had to look at the light in the image and figure out where it was coming from – there appeared to be strong sunlight on the far buildings but the actually street was in the shade so we had to build the street in 3D and do a few tests. We started by using the Perspective Match feature in 3ds Max 2014 to get the camera correct…


Then built some surrounding buildings to help the light bounce and create a more realistic light set-up


03We did a few block tests to get the light as physically correct as possible



We then focused on the build of the actual signposts


Then merged that into our street scene




Here are a few shots of the overall scene from different angles -we built a lot more than could be seen from the camera to try and recreate the correct light and shadow.



Below is the final render before any Photoshop work


And the final finished artwork…



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