Making of Space Peregrination Pt 1

The original Space Peregrination was designed as a still promotional image – we had an eye on it for a possible animation piece but initially left it for a while. Once it had eventually been animated we had a bit of fun interpreting what we created in Photoshop through After Effects. We decided it didn’t have to be an exact copy but just to have the original feeling. Part 1 is about the process for the overall look and Part 2 will be the laser effects

Using frame 1 from Scene 01, here is a screen grab from Max


The following two shots weren’t used in the end and we just kept the occlusion that was already in the render

03-Clay(not-used) 02-ClayWire(not-used)

Here is the final render prior to any post-production


Then we added some depth of field via our z-depth pass using Camera Lens Blur

05-DepthOfField 05b-ZDepth

An overall fine grain was added


Then we added an animated Lens distortion. I added this to give some extra movement within the scene as although most elements are floating and rotating slightly it gave another strange, other-worldly feel


As the frames were rendered with an alpha channel we had no background. The original image just had a black background but I felt we needed some subtle stars plus a glow behind the lower left planet as well as a subtle glow behind our spaceman


Over that we added another layer of noise as well as an overlay of dots, as per the original image, with the mode set to colour burn.


Then a colour burn of some dirt – top left and bottom right of the image with the opacity knocked back to 20% & 30% for each of the two layers.


At this point I created a new composition to apply the following effects

A good old lens flare! (any excuse…) This was animated throughout…


After that a very subtle white glow over the planets


The final finished frame consisted of a duplicate composition that was offset by a couple of pixels in both X& Y with a colour balance hue and saturation change, brightness and contrast tweak, opacity dropped down to 25% with a colour dodge mode. This gave the image a chromatic aberration effect

Below, before the final frame, are the effects before mode and opacity change.

13b-ChromaticAbberation 13-ColorDodge&Offset


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