Making of Eat Me

We had designed and built the model prior to finding the photo – when a foggy day came we managed to get into the woods, took a load of photos and HDR images, out of which this one stood out the most.


To bed the image into the scene we built a rough layout of the surrounding wood and added the HDR image as a texture in the Vray Dome light. With the resulting render we separated the shadows then added the ones from the VrayRawShadow pass (for more control in Photoshop and After effects). We then used the VrayZDepth pass to add some depth of field, added noise and and overall soft blur to match the photo (even the best photos aren’t pin sharp 😉

05-ZDepth  04-RawShadow06-BasicRender

The colour of the slime was changed, extra shadow added and an extra layer of background fog in the trees, again using the VrayZdepth pass.


The final colour overlays consisted of a blue/purple gradient, Exposure, greyscale gradient overlay, and a black and white overlay of the whole image knocked right back and finished off with a tweak of brightness and contrast!


A few screenshots of the build…

Screenshot_02 Screenshot_01 Screenshot_03


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